About Us:

International Health Clinics Pvt Ltd is an organization dedicated to provide quality life-saving vaccination services across the global at low-cost with all safety measures. We strive to encourage, establish and promote the use of vaccines to prevent and control the infectious and non-infectious diseases. Our continuous productive vaccine research and development projects focus on finding solutions to some of the world's most pervasive health care challenges.

Vaccines are the most effective and economical medical technologies available to humankind, however, factors like higher prices, poor supply and lack of trained health workers are often challenges primarily impacting those in poverty.

Established in 2003 (sister concerned Bharat Vaccines) hosts events, expert panels and immunization programs at various urban and rural areas under the supervision experienced and certified medical and research professionals as part of our measures in reducing the burden and impact of external factors in administering the WHO(World Health Organization) approved vaccines.

Our organization continuously support vaccine advocacy efforts and tratment programs for diseases like SWINE FLU, TYPHOID, YELLOW FEVER, HEPATITIS B and BRAIN FEVER, MMR, MENINGITIS, POLIO, HEPATITIS A & B vaccination and others.

We also extend our services to international travelers, who travel exclusively to countries like US, UK, & all African countries etc.