Influenza (FLU) VACCINE
Influenza, a common highly infectious air borne diseases that gets transferred to other persons by “influenza virus” in the form of coughing, sneezing, direct contact or by touching infected persons and objects. The possibility of occurrence of this acute respiratory illness is most common especially during winter season, and is the only reason why it is called as “seasonal Flu
When should I get the vaccine and how effective is Flu vaccine?
The flu virus which is present in air infects the respiratory system by affecting nose, throat and sometimes lungs. So to eradicate such infections and to prevent yourself from hospitalization, it’s quite necessary to get vaccinated every year to get immunized.
Flu is such an infection which causes serious illness and death leading complications as like pneumonia and bronchitis especially in young and in elders. The next question that arises in your mind is how does flu vaccine work? Right!, it’s quite very simple, as soon a person gets vaccinated with Flu vaccine, he or she develops antibodies that aid in fighting against infectious viruses about two to three after getting well vaccinated.
In general there are diversified kinds of Flu vaccines available in the market, they are
•    Standard-dose trivalent shots (IIV3): for babies between the ages of 6months and up
•    intradermal trivalent shot: which is recommended to take between the ages of 18 to 65years
•    High-dose trivalent shot: for people between 65 and older.
•    Trivalent shot: for individuals of ages between 18 and older.
•    Recombinant trivalent shot that is egg-free, approved for people 18 through 49 years of age.
These flu vaccines are taken in two forms, they are in the form of shots or injections or in the form of nasal sprays. This Influenza vaccine is effective only within the two weeks after the administration vaccine
When can a person get flu shot
Flu season begins usually in early October and run through may, so it’s quite good to have a flu shot during the months of September and October to get immunized soon.
It is estimated that about more than 200,000 people get hospitalized every year due to cause of Flu infection.  So MM international health clinic Pvt Ltd advices every individual to take the dose in a government approved vaccine centers to prevent the cause and to be healthy.
Risks and Side effects of Flu Vaccine
•    soreness at the site of the injection
•    muscle aching
•    fever, and feeling unwell
What are the symptoms of Flu?
•    sudden fever
•    chills
•    headache
•    muscle pain
•    sore throat
•    Non-productive dry cough.
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