Measles is a fatal contagious childhood illness disease caused by a virus called as “morbillivirus” with rashes on skin, running nose, fever, eye-irritation and cough as its major symptoms. According to a study, almost half a million cases of measles were reported annually in the US itself resulting in 450 deaths apart from 48,000 hospitalizations.
One of the best ways to prevent measles is being vaccinated with Measles vaccine, a live viral vaccine. This lethal diseases kills about more than million people every year and the most people who are susceptible of measles are newborns around the age of nine months who are unvaccinated.
How measles spreads?
These usually spreads through direct contact, sneezing by an infected person, through air or when exposed to virus in one or another form.
Prevalence of Measles in India and the world over
With the advent of the vaccine for the disease, the cases of this disease fell down drastically by around 99.9 percent. Even though a few cases are reported in United States, they are believed to have originated from outside the nation.
Unfortunately, Measles outbreaks are still prevailing in other countries including Europe, amongst the people who only got a single dose of the MMR Vaccine or the unvaccinated population (for example, the people that refuses vaccines). World Health Organization (WHO) report suggests that measles is one of the leading causes of the vaccine-preventable deaths in children? However, according to the estimates more than 12 million deaths have been prevented since 2000, with a global effort of vaccinating children with MMR/MMRV.
Causes to watch out of measles- The Measles Vaccine: Adverse Reactions

•    Pneumonia
•    Seizures
•    brain damage
•    Death
Complications of measles disease guidelines
•    Diarrhea, ear infections, or pneumonia to seizures
•    Hearing loss as a result of swelling and inflammations in the brain
•    Blindness
•    It can even cause degenerative diseases in nervous system as like paralysis
When should measles vaccine be taken?
It is highly recommended to take single dose of Measles vaccine at the age of 9months to eradicate the disease and second shot is advanced to administer at the age of 12-15. If in case if an individual misses both the doses then he is suggested to follow measles vaccine schedule by administering MMR vaccine at the earliest
Symptoms of Measles in children
1.    Difficulty in breathing or swallowing
2.    hives
3.    itching, especially of feet or hands
4.    reddening of skin, especially around ears
5.    swelling of eyes, face, or inside of nose
6.    unusual tiredness or weakness
Side effects of Measles virus vaccine after getting vaccinated in govt approved clinics
•    Fever over 103 °F (39.4 °C)
•    Burning or stinging at place of injection
•    double vision
•    headache (severe or continuing)
•    irritability
•    stiff neck
•    vomiting
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