MMR Vaccination:

MMR Vaccination
MMR is a highly serious contagious viral disease caused by three potential illnesses called measles, mumps and rubella. So all parents are requested to give MMR vaccine, a safe and effective vaccine to protect a child from serious illnesses before a kid enters into school.

As a part of routine vaccinations, you can give your baby a small shot after their first birthday, as the first injection only in the recognized clinical centers as like MM internal health clinic for MMR vaccination in Hyderabad. And the second injection before they start entering the school, remember you should never give this injection for a baby before 6 months, as the vaccine is not no so effective in their bodies
A highly contagious disease spreads through touch, breathing or from the sneezing droplets of an infected person followed by running nose, fever and pink eyes specially in small kids is Measles. So advert care must be taken in the form of vaccine named MMR/MMRV for the disease to prevent death rates.
This is another fatal disease that leads to few of complications like inflammation, swelling salivary glands under ears or jaws, headache and high fever. It is even estimated that most of the males get infected by mumps virus that can lead to deafness and swelling of the testicles or ovaries. So inorder to protect yourself from this disease it is highly recommended to give MMR immunization vaccine for children between 12-15 months age and then again between 4-6 years of age. If the MMR vaccine is not given at these ages, they can be given the immunization vaccine at the age of 11-12 years
Rubella or German measles
These are German measles followed by red rashes on face, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever and mild illness. Inorder to protect yourself from this dangerous disease proper care must be taken by having MMR Vaccination in two doses. If this virus enters into the body of pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage or birth defects like deafness, eye problems, heart defects, and intellectual disability in a newborn baby.
So every woman planning pregnancy is recommended to have MMR vaccination, if they find that they have low levels of rubella antibodies.
Note: A women who is already a pregnant or who happens to become pregnant soon after the vaccination should not be vaccinated with MMR Vaccine
MMR vaccine for babies, kids and non-immune adults
•    MMR Vaccine in Hyderabad is given as a single shot for babies within their first birthday and as second shot before their pre-schooling as a part of routine vaccination in MM international health clinic Pvt ltd.
•    And if a kid gets exposed to measles or any other diseases, he/she is recommended to get vaccinated before six months itself
•    Children whoever misses MMR vaccination can catch-up MMR vaccination at government approved clinical centers
•    It can also be given to the adults whoever suffers from these diseases
•    How the MMR vaccine works
•    Whenever the virus enters into your body the vaccine gets triggered to produce antibiotics to fight against the virus
A child is not supposed to take MMR Immunization vaccine if he ever had an allergic reaction to gelatin, the antibiotic neomycin, or have already received a dose of the MMR or MMRV vaccine.
Check with your doctor about your child receiving the MMR vaccine if he:
1. Is taking steroids
2. Has a disease that affects his immune system, like HIV/AIDS or leukemia
3. Has cancer
4. Has a blood disorder or has recently received a blood transfusion
Sick/ill Children advised to wait until they are healthy enough to get the MMR vaccine.
Side effects to expect after child vaccinations
•    Swelling
•    Redness or a small hard lump
•    Child may feel sick or have diarrhea
•    Developing a mild form of measles and mumps that lasts for a day or two
•    Swelling in the glands of his neck or cheeks only for 12 days after getting vaccinated.
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