Polio vaccination:

Polio vaccination
Polio, which is also known as Poliomyelitis is a viral contagious infection caused by “poliovirus” that attacks nervous system especially in children below 5years old, resulting in paralysis, breathing problems and even to death. To overcome these problems and to eradicate Polio disease from human population, few of well known persons like Albert Sabin introduced Polio Vaccine in the year 1955.
Facts of Polio
To protect a person from Polio Infection, Polio vaccination from government approved clinical centers must be taken and for Polio vaccination in Hyderabad, people can visit MM international health clinic Pvt Ltd.   Polio vaccine is classified into two types; they are oral polio vaccine(OPV) also called as “trivalent oral polio vaccine” and inactivated polio vaccine(IPV), are given as small short near legs or arm based on the age of a person.
Types of Polio
Sub-clinical: Here a patient will not experience any symptoms and will have much impact of the central nervous system of the human body i.e. it is an (asymptomatic polio)
Non-paralytic: it is a case where persons only suffers from few symptoms of polio, but will not have any effect on central nervous system
Paralytic: it is a case where 4% and 8% of cases display symptoms like paralysis in a patient, brainstem problems and more. This is a rarest and serious case which is very difficult to cure. Here a person usually suffers from Bulbar polio and Bulbospinal polio that affects neurons responsible for sight, vision, taste, swallowing, and breathing and spinal.
How polio vaccine is given and what Causes Polio
Causes of polio vaccine
•    It is usually passed on through contaminated food and water with the stool (feces) of infected person which takes nearly about 4 to 21 days for the symptoms to get appeared
•    From contaminated drinking water by human waste that contains the virus
•    Or by direct contact with the infected person
•    Mostly pregnant women with weakened immune systems like HIV+ people, and young children are the most at risk to the polio virus
Polio Vaccine and prevention
It is just given as a small short near arms and legs and it is suggested that every child must be vaccinated with four doses of inactivated polio vaccine during the following ages they are, at 2months, 4months, 6-18months and 4-6years.
Note: Routine polio vaccination is not recommended for people ages 18 and older, and if in case adolescents who are higher risks of polioviruses like traveling to areas or countries where polio is uncontrolled, Adults who have not been vaccinated previously, Employees in day-care centers, medical facilities and Laboratory workers handling samples that may contain polio viruses can get polio Immunization against polio
Symptoms and side effects Polio
Paralytic polio symptoms:
•    In most cases paralytic polio experience symptoms associated with non-paralytic first followed by paralytic, they are
•    Loss of reflexes and severe spasms and muscle pain
•    floppy and deformed limbs with body weakness
•    sudden paralysis (temporary or permanent)
Non-Paralytic Polio symptoms
•    Fever and sore throat
•    Headache and vomiting
•    Fatigue
•    swallowing and breathing problems
•    back and neck pain and stiffness
•    arm and leg pain or stiffness
•    muscle tenderness and spasms
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