Tetanus Vaccine:

Tetanus Vaccine
A lockjaw bacterial infection that causes tightening of muscles leading to death of a person one in ten cases is called Tetanus.   Kids do usually love playing outdoors when they find free time especially in the evening hours, playing in outdoors mean to get cuts on skin and let germs enter into body by releasing harmful toxic substances that attacks nervous system of a human system, resulting Tetanus disease.
Tetanus is a fatal infection caused by a bacterium called as “Clostridium tetani” that attacks human nervous system easily. These germs are so strong that they can easily enter into the human nervous system even from the small prick of throne on skin. To prevent such sort of infections, a well-known safe and effective vaccine called as Tetanus vaccine has been made to avert Tetanus disease.
Side-effects from the tetanus vaccine
•    mild headache
•    aching of the muscles and a mild high temperature (fever)
•    feeling unwell
•    Fatigue  
•    redness, warmth, swelling, hives
•    rashes near the injection site
Who should not receive the tetanus vaccine?
•    People with high fever and illness
•    You should receive tetanus vaccine, if you have got vaccinated with any other injections previously and have caused severe reaction
Note: tetanus vaccine is safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women
Tetanus immunization Vaccine shot importance
•    Tetanus immunization vaccine is offered in five doses, i.e. the first three doses of vaccines as DTaP/IPV(polio)/Hib for children aged under 10 years in 2, 3 and 4 months and for adults it is given as Td/IPV(polio), each one month apart
•    The fourth dose is offered only after the three years of the primary pre-school dose for children aged less than 10 and five years after the primary course for adults aged over 10
•    The fifth dose which is a part of tetanus immunization schedule is given at the govt approved clinical centers between the ages of 13 to 15 years as school level Td/IPV (polio) booster and for adults, it is given after the fourth dose as Td/IPV(polio)
In both the cases the primary shots act as good boosters to protect against serious infections for much number of years.
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