Yellow Fever Vaccination:

Yellow fever vaccination
A serious fatal and viral disease which is transmitted by a bite of female mosquitoes, prominently by “Aedes aegypti” and spread by humans is Yellow fever. This bite makes an individual to endure from cause only after six days of bite, which is an individual automatically develops few symptoms like mild fever, yellowish tinge on skin, eyes, joint pains and vomiting.
Sometimes in few of the severe cases a person even suffers from bleeding of blood from nose, gums and skin. In such situations the possibility of death chances will even be high i.e. by seven to ten days after the onset of the illness occurs.
Yellow fever origin
This serious disease is common in most of the tropical regions of Africa and Latin America. It had its initial origin in Africa, which further spread to South America as a consequence of human trafficking during the times of slave trade earlier in the 16th century.
It is even estimated that every year around more than 30,000 people suffers from Yellow Fever, jaundice and the only way to prevent this fever is getting vaccinated with yellow fever vaccination.
Who should be vaccinated and Yellow fever Vaccination schedule
•    An individual who ever suffers from yellow fever or about to travel to other infected areas is recommended to have single dose of vaccine for immunity and even a booster dose for every 10 years.
•    Travelers above the age of 9 months are requested to have the vaccine before they move the countries where yellow fever is at risk. If there is a delay then the traveler has to wait for next month for the other live-vaccines
•    Workers who handle material that may be infected by the yellow fever virus - for example, laboratory workers
"International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" along with government stamp before being allowed into other countries
Where do I get vaccinated?
This vaccination is recommended to take only in the government approved clinical centers as like MM international health clinic Pvt ltd, Hyderabad, Nagle. For all Hyderabadhi’s, Ihcpvt is the nearest and the best yellow fever vaccination centre in Hyderabad.   

Who Should Not Use The Yellow Fever Vaccine?

•    Yellow fever vaccines are not recommended for babies below 1 year of age or the pregnant women with immunity issues such as chemotherapy or AIDS.
•    Sick or ill persons should wait till complete recovery before getting Yellow Fever Vaccination.
•    Individuals having earlier severe reactions to the Yellow Fever Vaccine or suffering from HIV, or AIDS
•    People with weak immune system or liver, and kidney disease or consuming steroid drugs or cortisone
•    Older travelers over 60 years who have not previously been vaccinated against yellow fever are at a higher risk of side-effects of yellow fever vaccine.
•    If you have a thymus disorder
Side-effects from the yellow fever vaccine
•    Mild headache
•    Muscle aches
•    Mild fever or soreness at the injection site
All this symptoms lasts only upto 14days after the injection. At most the only thing that we all need to remember is that, it very difficult to recognize this disease, as the symptoms of yellow fever are similar to that of malaria, typhoid, rickettsial diseases, hemorrhagic viral fevers, dengue fever, and viral hepatitis, so proper care must be taken and blood test must be taken from a trained staff when you find the symptoms which are listed above.
Further information

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